Do you dare to cross the Atlantic by candle?

Crossing the Atlantic to sail: a challenge cherished by every sailor who values ​​himself and is also available to “mere mortals” with a thirst for adventure. Since well into October, when the season in the Mediterranean is over, hundreds of sailboats with the most disparate flags are approaching the Canary Islands to prepare the great ocean voyage to the Caribbean, which is usually undertaken throughout November. It is time to complete the set-up of the ships, to supply and stow everything necessary for at least two weeks of navigation and, in many cases, also to complete the crews.

There are also hundreds of adventurers who come to the Canary Islands every year, seeking to be admitted on board in exchange for participating in the guards and sharing the work of the voyage as a crewman. A certain experience as a navigator and minimal handling at least of English are usually good tricks to try luck and cross this way “the puddle” free or for a small sum with which to contribute to basic expenses.

Although if you are not for the task of leaving to the hands of the fortune to participate in such a journey and you want to make sure the place as well as traveling with real “sea wolves”, you can always contact the boat rental companies that carry in these Dates their sailboats to operate to the Caribbean and that they propose in them a small number of staterooms for passengers that, even without the previous experience, will have to officiate of cabin boy participating in all the tasks of the marine life.

They will be from the Canary Islands for two to three weeks in which they will be pushed by the trade winds along the long Atlantic waves, under the sun of the tropics, through almost 3,000 nautical miles, perfect to face these months without, in principle, great Risk of storms and good seas almost assured.

Long days without seeing solid ground, alone with the ocean, in which the shifts of guard at the helm or in matters as domestic and at the time as essential as the kitchen or the cleaning of the sailboat leave endless hours to read, to clear the mind And the spirit before those diaphanous horizons rarely seen by other boats, to try their luck with the cane and try to fish some tuna with which to prepare the freshest sushi to the companions of the journey and to enjoy the unique atmosphere that is generated between The participants of this absolutely exceptional experience that, at least once in life, no one should get lost.

And note that, if you can not organize it for this year, in spring, usually in May, almost all these sailboats embark the trip back to the Mediterranean and there you have no excuse.

Some clues
The Atlantic Rally for Cruises more than a true regatta is an annual event that departs in November from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and which incorporates up to more than 200 yachts to make the transoceanic voyage in a way Safer because, apart from the strict security measures required of each boat to join them, the presence of expert seafarers on many boats is always a guarantee for more novice sailors.